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 My baby does the hanky panky ..

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   Our house is a very very very fine house..
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 Are the good old days back ? Were there any good old days ?
Hapoel Haifa homepage

  • CHAMPIONS 1998-1999
  • Liga Leumit Champions 2003-2004
  • Cup final runners up 2004
  • Liga Leumit Champions 2008-2009


 Is there life after Bird ? can the old legs carry on ?
Boston Celtics homepage

I guess there is: NBA Chanpions 2008

 Can Arsenal win anything ? Will the kids ever grow up ?
Arsenal homepage


  • Premier League Champions and FA cup winners 1997-1998
  • Premier League Champions and FA cup winners 2001-2002
  • FA cup winners 2003
  • Premier League Champions 2003-2004
  • FA cup winners 2005
  • Champions League finalist 2006

 Poliker, The One and Only
 official page


 For those who ask where I get the stuff for my talks from.
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