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The Physics of Collisionless Shocks

Black Holes

Large-scale Structure

Broadband Astronomy

Structure of The Milky Way

Stellar Evolution

Hydrodynamic and MHD Modeling

Neutrino Astronomy

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Large-scale spiral flows identified in deprojected galaxy clusters

Virial shocks detected also via SZ, coincident with gamma-rays

Virial shocks detected! (around Coma and stacked LAT clusters)

Fermi bubbles identified: outgoing strong shocks with X-ray shells and inward CR diffusion

Galaxy cluster mystery: are the spiral flow and the linear entropy profile related?

Flow around an axisymmetric object: analytic hydrodynamic and magnetization approximations

Self-similar solution found: directed ultra-relativistic blast wave

Missing asymptotic Kerr quasinormal mode branch discovered