Group Members

Mario Feingold

Mario Feingold

Principal investigator

Mario received his PhD from the Technion and then did his postdoctoral studies at the University of Chicago, University of California at Berkeley and the Cambridge University. His research involves using advanced microscopy and image analysis to understand the process of bacterial cell division.

Alexander Aranovich

Alexander Aranovich

Research Associate

Alexander received his PhD in Ben-Gurion University and did his postdoctoral studies at McMaster University and Sick Kids Hospital. His research interests are in bacterial and mammalian cell physiology.

Anindita Dutta

Anindita Dutta

PhD student

Anindita is currently pursuing her PhD while studying the Z-ring dynamics of E. coli cells. Her
research interests lie in the area of fluorescence microscopy, image processing, and
single-particle tracking.

Guy Allis

Guy Allis

PhD student

Guy is currently pursuing his PhD. He is studying bacterial cell division using super-resolution imaging methods.

Sharanya Namboodiri

Sharanya Namboodiri

PhD Student

Sharanya is currently pursuing her Ph.D. She is studying phenotypic variability in bacterial cells with a focus on hyper structures.


1996, Julia Goldbaum, Master

2001, Aninda J. Bhattacharyya, postdoc, presently Professor at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

2004, Elad Goshen, Master, presently VP R&D at DiA Imaging Analysis

2008, Eran Itan, Master, presently Senior algorithm developer at E.D.P by Philips

2009, Aviv Cahana, Ph.D.

2011, Gideon Carmon, Ph.D., presently Co-Founder and CTO at SEMPRO LABS

2013, Yair Judkovsky, Master, presently PhD student, Weizmann

2016, Pramod Kumar, postdoc

2022, Itai Gelber, Ph.D., presently Lab Engineer, Ben Gurion University

1998, Yakov Rutman, Ph.D

2003, Wei-Zhang Zhao, postdoc, presently Professor, Capital Normal University, Beijing

2006, Shahar Rosen, Master

2008, Galina Reshes, Ph.D., presently Faculty member, Shamoon College of Engineering

2008, Roman Tsukanov, Master, presently Research Associate, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen

2012, Nitzan Maman, Ph.D., presently Research Associate, Nanotechnology Inst., Ben Gurion University

2015, Manoj Kumar Pal, postdoc

2018, Amarjeet Yadav, postdoc, Assistant Professor, Siddharth University

2022, Anindita Dutta, Ph.D., presently postdoc, Single Cell Biophysics group, Ben Gurion University

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