Welcome to the home page of Baruch Horovitz


Professor Emeritus at the Department of Physics,
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Member of the Ilse-Katz center for meso-and
nanoscale science and technology

Research interests – Condensed Matter Theory

Nanoscopics and noise: Dissipative environments, the ESR-STM phenomena, ESR noise.

Surface physics: Noise from metal surfaces and vortices, trapping of cold atoms, plasmons.

Quantum Hall effects: Disordered superconductors, localization phenomena.

Superconductivity: Vortex matter, p and d wave effects, disorder.

Luttinger liquids: Coupling to condensates, mobile impurity, Coulomb box; phase transitions, dynamics.

Conducting Polymers: Charged defects, spectroscopy, photocurrent.